Askelund no longer offer accomodation, visits, tours etc. All buildings are now private homes, and we kindly ask you to respect this. We've kept the text on the website to keep the history of Askelund online. The owners now run Vadheim Hotel, about one hour of driving from Balestrand.

The Askelund Bailiffs`manor lies quantly beside the shore in the cultural village of Balestrand. Reminiscent of a white swan, the house lies nesting between several red `Sveitser`(Swiss-styled) -architectural pearls. In the remains of the old park, one can view groves of large, beautiful trees that have adorned the manor through the ages. Enormous white birch, holly,silver spruce and oak; protected species that compliment this unique building.

The Askelund Manor was the residence of the Bailiff from 1790 until 1899. The manor has been a summer residence for the wealthy, a hotel, a school, a home.

The manor became protected under Conservation law in 1923. After considerable restoration, it was run as a reception centre and hotell, hosting cultural events, courses and business meetings until 2011. It's now private home.